REGION | Sierra Foothill (AVA)


SOILS | Loamy clay + decomposed granite

Our vineyard grape varietals include: Tempranillo, Graciano, and Verdejo.  The vineyard is located at the 2400’ elevation level, in the Sierra Foothills AVA (American Viticultural Area).  Sustainable viticultural practices are used throughout the vineyard to achieve premium quality fruit, as well as, shoot thinning, vertical shoot positioning, cluster thinning, and deficit irrigation.  The climate around the vineyard has a unique flow that allows very hot temperatures during the day with good cooling at night. Average temperatures could swing 30° Fahrenheit from the high in the daytime to the low in the nighttime, during  the summer.  This allows for premium grape production and subsequently award winning wines.
Loamy, clay soils typical of the Sierra Foothills blanket the vineyard, with large granite boulders and a shallow decomposed granite layer. The granite rocks and reddish soils of acid reaction add to the complexity and uniqueness of the grapes produced by Zuni Vineyards.


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The Aromatic White (Hover for details)


Verdejo was notable a wine introduced to Spain in the 11th century from the Mozaarbs, depicted in the 12th century Romanesque frescoes and was grown along the pilgrimage route between monasteries.  Rueda is Verdejo’s homeland.  It is flanked by two Tempranillo wine producing regions; Ribera del Duero and Toro.  Verdejo is known for its versatility.  It is a citrusy, aromatic and crisp wine, similar to Sauvignon Blanc, ideal for everyday wine consumption.

Our Verdejo grapes have been used exclusively by Inner Sanctum Cellars to produce the award-winning wine, Mateo the Matador. This wine is a perfect summer wine and sells quickly; earning itself a reputation as a wine worth pursuing!


The King's Grape (Hover for Details)


In Spain, Toro Tempranillo traditionally was favored by the highest in the land, filling cellars of Spanish Kings, chosen for the trip with Christopher Columbus to America, and grown and cared for by monks in numerous monasteries. The monks dedicated themselves to viticulture to produce the sacramental wine needed and for the requirements of the diocese. Toro Tempranillo has been compared to a Spanish bull-dark, sleek, and richly muscular, exactly like the wines produced from Zuni Vineyards Tempranillo.

Inner Sanctum Cellars produces a Toro Tempranillo wine each year, using grapes exclusively from our vineyard. Every year it sells out quickly, earning itself a reputation as a wine worth pursuing!


The Blending Grape (Hover for details)


Graciano is a Spanish red grape that thrives in warm, arid climates and traditionally is used as a blending grape with Tempranillo. The Graciano grape has characteristics of dark, inky red color, an intense aroma, and ages well. There is a field blend of Graciano with the Torro Tempranillo wines produced by Inner Sanctum Cellars.




John and Susan Zuniga began their vineyard adventure in 2007. They ordered plants, dug into the earth, and started to develop the property. The vineyard was planted in 2009. The vineyards have grown, and so has the Zuniga family. John and Susan have two beautiful daughters. Their life is full of family, friends, hard work and great wine.